Spent Coffee Ground Uses – From Waste to Wonderful

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I like coffee. I like coffee a lot. I was once obsessed with the stuff, then found myself not drinking caffeine for a few years. My friend Will from Music That Is Good┬áreminded me of my coffee love last year, and the habit soon returned. If you’re powering through beans like I am, save your spent grounds! There are some great uses for them around the house.

Spent Coffee Ground Uses

General Household

  • Absorb orders: Spent coffee grounds works just like baking soda. Keep a couple containers in your fridge and freezer, or even add some to your trash bags to remove bad odors.
  • Use as an abrasive: Spent grounds are great for scrubbing pots and pans, or cleaning your counters and stove.
  • Start a compost pile: Composting is a fantastic way to handle your waste, and spent grounds are a great thing to add.
  • Remove furniture scratches: Mix spent grounds in a 1:1 ratio with olive oil, and use the mixture on furniture scratches to make them less noticeable.

Spring is coming up, so it’s time to start thinking about DIY ways to improve your garden.


  • Better soil: Add spent coffee grounds to your soil to attract worms. This creates healthier soil for your yard.
  • Fertilizer: Mix with your spent grounds with soil and use coffee as a fertilizer.
  • Firepit cleaning: Add spent coffee grounds to ash in your firepit before emptying it. It will weigh down the ash and reduce the ash cloud when cleaning.
  • Deter ants: Spread spent grounds around ant hills or areas of your garden where you want to keep ants away.
  • Stop snails: Spread around the outside of your gardening area to stop snails and slugs from coming in
  • No more litter box: Mixing your spent grounds with chopped orange peel deters cats from using your garden as a litter box and harming your garden.

Personal Care

  • Hand cleaning: Use spent grounds to get the smell of strong ingredients like onions or garlic off your hands.
  • Sugar scrub: Make a sugar scrub with an ingredient you are typically just throwing away. You can find great recipes like this one online.
  • Exfoliate: If you don’t want to take the time to make a scrub, just mix spent grounds in with soap or coconut oil for use as a natural exfoliant.
  • Deep clean hair: Gently scrub wet hair and scalp with spent grounds prior to shampooing to help strip out product build-up from your hair.

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