Music To Paint To

I could see the light at the end of the painting tunnel, and needed some extra inspiration for pushing forward. Right now, I am tackling the kitchen, which can be more tedious than the other rooms. I’ve also been working on some abstract art for the house, so having some good music to paint to never hurts. Whether you’ve got the rollers out and are changing an entire room, or just have some small canvas work to take care of, this playlist has plenty of feel-goods to keep you moving forward.

Kitchen Update

With the half wall just about done, it is time to start tackling the kitchen. First I painted the trim, cabinets are in progress, and walls come last. This includes portions of the wall that still remain between the living room and kitchen.

Music To Paint To
A sneak peak at the new kitchen. Still a long way from done.

The Playlist

Don’t expect anything genre specific here. You’ll find a lot of funky upbeat tunes, but I just grabbed my favorite tracks that I have been listening to while painting. I personally battle tested the playlist and can vouch for the painting vibes. Just a warning, there is some light profanity, if that isn’t your thing.

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Music To Paint To

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