IKEA Hack: Create an Elegant Coat Rack for $20

Decorative wall coat racks can easily cost $50 or more. I wanted to put a coat rack near the door of my home without breaking the budget, and started looking at my options. Buying one was out of the question, and the time to woodwork a coat rack myself just wasn’t realistic. So, I did what any good DIYer does. I went to IKEA, and made my own IKEA hack. Even better, it takes under 30 minutes to build.

How to Create the $20 IKEA Hack Coat Rack

Required Tools

  • Cordless drill
    • Can use Phillips screwdriver for replacement
  • Level

Required Materials

I am going to talk about IKEA a lot here. This post is not sponsored or promoted by IKEA in any way. I went to the store on my own accord, and found this hack to share with you.

The first thing I needed to find was the coat rack itself. I found a simple coat rack on sale for only $13, but it was lacking the shelf above it you see on higher end models. I went ahead and picked up the KUBBIS Rack with 7 hooks, and started looking for shelving.

IKEA is kind enough to put the coat racks directly next to their shelving section. I found one shelf fit perfectly to the width of the coat rack, but was twice the length from the wall that I wanted. They had some shelving that would have provided the right depth, but didn’t line up well with the length of the coat rack. Sure, I could have bought a shelf slightly too big and cut it down to size, but I was looking for a quick and easy DIY project to share.

I decided the shelving wasn’t going to work with the coat rack, and gave up. But then, just a few rooms down, I ran into the MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge. Is it designed to be used as a coat rack shelf? I doubt it. Does it work and fit perfectly with the coat rack? Absolutely. I ran back to grab the coat rack, and was off to the races!

IKEA may be notorious for terrible instructions, but don’t worry, this is as easy as it gets.


Installing the coat rack
  1. Remove the KUBBIS from it’s packaging. You will have a single board with 7 holes for pegs, and the pegs to insert. Apply a small amount of wood glue to each peg and insert them into the board.
  2. Using the included screws, screw each peg into the board from the back of the coat rack.
  3. Determine the height for your coat rack. Around 5 ft is typical, but I placed mine higher due to personal taste. Pick the height that suits you best!
  4. Place the coat rack against the wall, and use a level to level your coat rack. If using wall anchors, drill pilot holes or mark the wall where the coat rack screw holes sit. If not using anchors, screw in your coat rack and move to step 6.
  5. Push your wall anchors into your pilot hole, or a hole punctured with a screwdriver, and screw into the wall. Mount your coat rack using the screws included with your anchors.
Installing the shelf
  1. Remove the shelf from the packaging, and center it above your coatrack.
  2. Use a level to confirm everything is still sitting level.
  3. If using wall anchors, follow the same steps as above to install wall anchors, otherwise move to step 4.
  4. Screw the coat rack to the wall with included screws, or with anchor screws if using wall anchors.

And that’s it! A quick and simple installation for an affordable and elegant coat rack. And if you are looking to add the same small vases as in my picture, they are only $2 each from IKEA. Check them out here.

What other IKEA hacks have you used? Let me know in the comments below!

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