House Update: Half Wall

There have been a ton of new projects around the house, but removing the half wall between the kitchen and living room has been a big one. If you are going to take on a similar task, make sure you are not taking down a load-bearing wall. It is your responsibility to have an engineer look at your home and get any necessary inspections done prior to a project of this size.

The project should wrap up this week, so look forward to more articles on how it was done! Until then, here is a basic rundown of the steps it takes to get the whole project done:

  1. Mark off where you will be removing the wall a week or two before making any cuts. You want to spend some time in your space with the half wall marked off to make sure it feels right before taking it down.
  2. Remove small sections of the wall to inspect what is behind it. Make sure your electricity is shut off during this process, just in case.
  3. Remove or relocate any lines running behind the walls where the wall will be removed. I removed one electrical line completely, and relocated another farther into the kitchen.
  4. Cut out half wall and studs, trying to keep your cuts as level as possible.
  5. Level the top of your half wall and prepare it to be capped / topped.
  6. Attach metal corner strips across the exposed cuts of the wall.
  7. Patch all holes with drywall.
  8. Mud the drywall, sand, and repeat until completely smooth.
  9. Finalize the installation of your half wall top, and seal if required.
  10. Paint / texture the workspace to match the paint and texture of the rooms affected.

Pictures of the project in progress:

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