About DIY Household

How do you create a home that is completely unique to your style without breaking the budget?

This is the question that started it all. At 30 years old I started down the path to purchase my own home. I quickly started preparing to make my new home fit my style. Sure, you can buy everything you need to style your home, but when budget restrictions come into play, it may not always be so easy. Plus, a DIY approach means every piece of your home has a story to go along with it. Talk about character and charm!

I’m fortunate to have worked on other homes in the past. I also lucky to have a family who taught me the skills needed to restore and remodel homes. I put those skills to use here to talk about how my first restoration is going, and how you can start designing your home exactly how you want just as easy! This blog speaks to everything involved in making your DIY household a reality. This is the perfect place to come to learn about home renovations, decor & interior design, purchasing a home, budget projects, and home upgrades. You can even learn how to plan fun events at your home! And of course, it is all DIY!

Who am I?

Great question. I’m a Midwesterner with a passion for many, many things. All of which I have found a way to make my mark by getting hands on and learning how to do things myself. I’ve published a book of poetry, travelled the country on countless occasions, brew my own beer, do my own web-development and design work, and most importantly, craft my space to be my own. My time is split between my laptop, reading books, hovering over a brew kettle, watching spoken word performances, and scouring thrift goods looking for a DIY touch.

Wow! How do I follow along for regular DIY project inspiration?

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